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Heck of a body like Adonis

Fitness Zone is a complete sports/fitness theme that is suitable for any one who is about to start a Fitness Center or a Sports Website. Have a look and enjoy the Exclusive Features of a Fitness Website.

E-commerce web solutions

Integrate solutions provides high-tech e-Commerce solutions at affordable rates. We help you to build your business in a more professional way using our e-Commerce solutions.

We provide e-Commerce solution packages that include website design, Storefront, shopping cart, security, reporting tools, merchant account, card processing gateway etc.

Our e-Commerce professionals will design customized and flexible e-Commerce websites for your business. As it is customized and flexible, in future when your business grows you can add more features according to your requirements. Our e-Commerce solutions will help you to interact with your customers in a better way, promote your products and services and manage business transactions.

Advantages of our E-Commerce services and solutions
  • Flexible e-commerce solutions
  • Increase transaction returns
  • Advanced customer service
  • Promote your company's brand
  • Less operational cost
  • Safe business transactions
  • Long-term technical support
  • Ease of use
Features of our E-Commerce solutions
  • Browsing of goods and services
  • Customer service
  • Customer account creation
  • Order management
  • Reporting tools(e.g., Jasper, BIRT, Apian, Kettle, Micro strategy)
  • Workflow modeling tools (e.g., Apian, JBPM, OS Workflow)
  • Payment and transport
  • Checkout
  • Site management
  • Marketing tools
E-commerce solution development process
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Sketching of plan
  • Design and development
  • Implementation
  • Technical support and maintenance

Integrate solutions will provide the best e-Commerce solutions for you within limited time.


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