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Heck of a body like Adonis

Fitness Zone is a complete sports/fitness theme that is suitable for any one who is about to start a Fitness Center or a Sports Website. Have a look and enjoy the Exclusive Features of a Fitness Website.

HRMS Solutions

A Human Resources Management System that build with a different take to ensure collaboration and participation of workers while enhancing their productivity and simplifying work.

Human Capital is what makes a company, and it's level of success is determined largely by the effectiveness in managing this resource. The Aumento HRMS lets you do this in a fast and efficient manner. It's built from ground up with an intuitive design. The focus is on ease of use for all levels of employees while ensuring that the productivity is enhanced. As with all Aumento products, it's helps reduce the time and various other overheads and better your profits in more than one way.

The Salient Features, Functionalities and Advantages

  • Powerful Profile Manager
  • Document Manager
  • Pass Manager
  • One Click Salary
  • Live Attendance
  • Schedule Generator
  • Enhanced MIS and Reporting
  • Incident Reporting
  • Salary and Benefit Management
  • Labor Supplier Management




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